About TPS

Hi! I’m Frank. I’m the owner/operator of Tiny Plastic Spacemen. 

Several years ago, I got back into tabletop wargaming after a break of 15+ years. While I had continued D&D gaming for that whole time, I’d stopped painting fantasy models several years ago, too.

Now, I’m fully into painting again and have a couple (OK, a few!) armies on the go, plus I’m getting more into D&D, which means I need want new baddies, monsters and the heroes to fight them!

The BEST thing about being a gamer now is that I can finally afford a wide range of paints, real high-quality brushes and all those tools I really wanted back in the day! I’ve come a long way since having only handful enamel colors and cheap plastic brushes…

This site is just to show off various models I get around to painting and where I can show my attempts at various techniques and models I never would have attempted so long ago.

One of the great things about online services now is that it’s easy to set up a good video tutorial and review channel, which I’ve done on the Tiny Plastic Spacemen YouTube channel. I’m always uploading reviews and unboxings of new model stuff, and there’s a growing video library of model tips, too! 

I also have a model painting service that anyone can take advantage of – even if your models aren’t technically spacemen 🙂 I’ve had loads of fun painting all kinds of models, creatures, weapons and more – and I look forward to working on more models in the future! 

If you’re on the social media, our Facebook page is another place to follow us for frequent updates, so please LIKE the page so you can get news from Tiny Plastic Spacemen! You can also get lots of picture updates on new projects and more on our Instagram page. There’s a little bit of overlap between the accounts but there’s always something new and you won’t be bored if you follow one or both accounts 🙂 

Please follow the blog (this site), the Facebook page, the YouTube channel and the Instagram account! You’re always welcome to post comments, questions, critiques and more! I read every comment and try to reply to everybody 🙂

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