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Arcane Paintworks Painting Masterclass!

Over this past weekend I had the pleasure of attending a class taught by Meg Maples of Arcane Paintworks, and I just wanted to share a bit about how it went.

The class was held at Barwell Bodyworks south of Leicester, UK  (where I help teach wargame airbrushing classes – the next one is in February 2017) and after the first UK class filled up super fast several months ago, I made sure to jump in the queue ASAP as soon as the second class was announced.

Tywin Lannister

Meg’s Tywin (from Game of Thrones) bust – one of the deciding factors in me choosing to attend!
photo from Arcane Paintworks

Meg has been skipping around Europe and the UK for the past few months, attending model shows and competitions such as SMC (Scale Model Challenge) in Eindhoven in the Netherlands and Euromilitaire outside of London, plus squeezing in as many classes as possible on the off-weekends, which I’m sure helped pay for the trip from Australia!

Unboxing the Show Exclusive Resistance Battle Bus for Dropzone Commander!

This show-exclusive* Resistance Battle Bus is available only at game shows that Hawk Wargames attends during 2016, and it’s a cool stand-in for the existing Battle Bus model – but best of all you can use this as an open-top bus with either anti-air or anti-ground unit suppression! Anyway…watch the video so you can get a good look!

*UPDATE! This and many other show exclusives are available for a limited time on the Hawk Wargames site!

Unboxing the M116 Bunker Complex by Hawk Wargames for Dropzone Commander!

There must be lots of folks out there who play Dropzone Commander but haven’t seen the scenery packs yet, so this video (and a bunch of videos coming up!) are just for you!

This is the M116 Bunker Complex set from Hawk Wargames, and it features a handful of bunker models to use during ground battles in the Dropzone/Dropfleet setting. Although the model design is based on the UCM style, because these bunker designs were used all over human-occupied space, they’re suitable to be used in just about any Dropzone Commander battle! So give the video a watch so you can see what’s in the box, plus close-up views of the models themselves!

Forge World Open Day! Pics and Updates!

First in line!


OK, well not really (a visitor from Scandinavia was there much earlier than us but only because there was noise outside his hotel room and he couldn’t get back to sleep), but in order to be able to get one of the first Forge World Mastodon kits available for sale, Tiny Plastic Spacemen and friends were there…quite early!

Of course, this led to us having our most popular video of recent times get released a couple of days later: the Mastodon unboxing!

But before we could get that online, Forge World themselves beat us to the punch by featuring us in the opening of their Open Day video!


Photos, though, we hear you demanding! Well, demand and you shall receive! Here’s all the photos we took during the Open Day 🙂

Unboxing Video Review: Hawk Wargames Civilian Vehicle Pack – 2016 Show Exclusive!

Here’s a close look at what you get from the Hawk Wargames show exclusive Civilian Vehicle packs! These are only available directly from Hawk at the shows and tournaments they attend this year!*

These make great additions to any 10mm gaming table, not just Dropzone Commander, but Horizon WarsHeavy Gear and they should work well for the upcoming Games Workshop Adeptus Titanicus as well (although that is a smaller scale of 8mm the difference shouldn’t be noticeable during a game).

*UPDATE! Hawk have offered these online for a limited time!

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