Commission Painting Services

Don’t like to paint? No time? Just want to play, not paint? Don’t have the equipment? Tiny Plastic Spacemen can paint your models to any standard you like so you can get on with your life!

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You can also see more finished models in the
Finished Commissions Gallery!
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While I’m no Golden Daemon winner, I am a fairly competent painter, pretty good with both a ‘traditional’ brush and airbrush, and for a reasonable price I can paint a character, squad, vehicle or large creature to a good standard that you’ll love to have on the tabletop or on a display shelf!

What I can do for You

I can:

  • fully discuss your needs
  • provide regular updates
  • buy
  • build
  • convert
  • magnetise
  • and deliver your models
  • give you a total cost for everything or work to your budget

Your models will be specifically YOURS, tailored for your needs, customization preferences and budget, with your own custom look that no one else will match!

My Experience

I’m experienced with sci-fi, historical, steampunk and fantasy models of all types, and am happy to work on your troops, characters, vehicles, buildings, terrain and more. I also scratch-build many of my own terrain pieces and bases, and can do the same for you!

Get in Touch!

Contact me with your requirements for quotes to fit your budget, time frame and needs.

If you want a quote please email

Colour & Weapon Choices

As your painter, I’m happy to talk with you about:

  • colour choices (such as weapon & gear colours, contrasting or complementary colours, etc.)
  • poses
  • weapon choices

and more to help your army make the most impact on the table. We will talk about these points before the project starts and I’ll also be in touch at various points during the project progress. Of course, you can also just leave those decisions to me if you want to sit back and wait for your army!


You’ll also get regular updates, such as:

  • when your models are ordered, if I am doing this for you
  • when I receive the models
  • when they’re finished being built, modification & painting progress (with pictures)
  • pictures of colour options (if necessary)
  • finished model pictures
  • pictures of the models packed up in their box
  • shipping notification (including tracking numbers!)

You can even order transport cases and have them sent to me, to make sure your models are fully protected on their way to you!

Quality Levels

I can paint to a few different levels, depending on your requirements and budget. We can match any codex, battle book or rulebook army colours you wish.This is the basic info for each standard, for more details please click here.


If you’re on a strict budget or just need masses of troops/cannon fodder in a single colour, this is the level you’re looking at. The idea of these models is to provide lots of your army’s colour on the table at a quick (and cheap!) rate. These models will be painted fully assembled and will look fine from a few feet away (so your opponent will easily be able to recognize your army models), however you will notice that details such as faces, badges and gems will not be painted. For more details about our Basic quality level, please click here.

Basic quality – Games Workshop Blood Angels Tactical Marine,
ready for you to add details at a later date!

Standard rank and file that make up the bulk of your army, including transports and other vehicles. These will look good from a few feet away on the table, showing off your army’s colour on the battlefield. The models will be painted by airbrush and brush, with some details such as belts and pouches painted, then varnished and based in your choice of colours. For more details about our Tabletop quality level, please click here.

Tabletop quality – Games Workshop Tyranid Termagants

Tabletop quality – Games Workshop Chaos Cultists

Good Tabletop
This level is great for leaders, big monsters, flying models and big tanks. These models will look good at closer than arm’s length because more time will be spent on them to bring out most of the details of the model, including eyes, face, weapons, icons, headdresses and more. The base will also be a step up from the standard, with some scattered details such as grass tufts, debris and other pieces. For more details about our Good Tabletop quality level, please click here.

Good Tabletop Quality – Eldar Dire Avengers with Exarch

Good Tabletop Quality – Eldar Crimson Hunter

Display Quality
This is what everyone wants! If you want a model that will make your friends go WOW when you place it on the table, go for this. Choose this level if you want a high quality model you’d want to put on a shelf, behind glass or under a light to show off to your friends, yet can still put on the table to put it into battle. A model at this level will have a LOT more time taken to paint every detail on the model and provide increased depth to the colours on the model, as well as many extra techniques that you won’t see on most tabletop models. For complete details about our Display quality level, please click here.

Display Quality – Imperial Knight Warden kit

Display Quality – Imperial Knight Warden kit

This is not a level that I can paint at yet, mainly because I don’t have the time to devote to a single model like this. It’s something I aspire to but at the moment would not be comfortable trying to get someone to pay for. A museum-quality model would be a Golden Daemon or Crystal Brush finalist at a minimum, and would probably never leave a glass cabinet, much less go on the gaming table.

Matching your army – We can match any codex, battle book or rulebook army colours you wish, including your existing army. Please note that because of lighting, camera and photo differences, matching of paint colours and finishes is nearly impossible to get exact unless we have your models in-hand, but we will do our absolute best to match the colours you want.

Mixing and matching quality levels – We can also mix and match levels of painting quality within a model or army (as seen in some of the sample pictures), we will talk about this as we discuss your project.

Expectations – We are fully aware that what people think of ‘good v. really good’ varies from person to person. No matter what quality level you want, you can expect regular photo updates and will be asked to provide feedback, answer questions, etc., to make sure you get what you’re expecting. We want to make sure your models will meet your expectations!


I’m extremely happy with the look of my models, as well as the turnaround time and price. I think you’ve done a great job of taking the basic idea I gave you and really applying it to the models.
– Daniel, Tyne & Wear, UK

I found Tiny Plastic Spacemen great to deal with. Open, upfront quotations that are what the final bill is, good payment terms, regular updates with photos and a great finished product. My models look gorgeous with a fantastic job on the magnetisation! A pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended.
– Paul, Reading, UK

I had the minis I commissioned, painted and ready for the table, within 2 weeks. That alone is deserving of high praise, but aside from that, the paint jobs are imaginative, well executed, and coped well with a slightly odd brief. Given the time available, as well as the extremely reasonable price, I’m very happy with the work. It’s a lot better than I could have done in the time, and that’s what counts with a service like this. The service was quick, professional and responsive, and very good value. I couldn’t ask for much more, really.
– Phil, Oxford, UK

– Duncan, Arizona, USA


If you want a quote please email to discuss your project! I believe my prices are reasonable considering the amount of equipment (brushes, paints, airbrush equipment, etc.) I need to do a good job for you, the space I have set aside in my home, the skill and concentration required and most importantly the amount of time needed to complete a project.

Please note that my prices to you are estimates – if I’m able to complete your models quicker/easier than I thought, or if the project takes more time/work than I realized, the cost may go down or up accordingly. And although a price can seem expensive, consider about how many hours it will take you to do what you want on your models – this convenience is what you pay me for.

I can also work to your budget – we would work out the details of course, but an example of this would be you pre-pay me an agreed amount of money and I will work until that money has been spent on my hourly time. This may work out easier if you have a certain amount of money set aside each month.

Please note that prices don’t include buying the actual models or postage. Also, Tiny Plastic Spacemen is based in the UK – prices will be in GBP £ Sterling and tracked postage to regions outside the UK can be expensive!

If you want to know an actual number of how much a project may cost you, please click here to get a good idea. So please contact me at to discuss your project!


Every model I paint will be protected with bubble wrap taped around the model, surrounded by packing material such as rolled-up newspaper or foam ‘peanuts’, then securely packed in a box. Especially large, fragile or heavy models may be double-boxed (a box filled with padding around your model, surrounded by padding, within a larger box) but these will be very special cases indeed!


Your finished models will be posted by TRACKED delivery methods (UPS, Parcel Force, etc.), to ensure that you get your models safe and sound. Please remember that our prices don’t include postage of the models to you.


If you refer a friend I’ll give you 10% off one item/unit on your next order! 

Please contact me at to discuss your project and I’ll let you know quickly I can fit you into my schedule!


Of course you’ll want to see samples, so here you go! You can also see more finished models in the Finished Commissions Gallery


You can also see more finished models in the Finished Commissions Gallery and my own Finished model gallery.

Don’t see the army/game/faction you play? That’s just because these are just the models I’ve painted for myself and customers – more are on the way!